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Touch Football Australia

Touch Football Australia logoTouch Football Australia is thrilled to offer its Sporting Schools program, to children across Australia’s school yards.

Touch Football Australia has core values that include leadership, integrity, professionalism, diversity and excellence. These values underpin our mission to provide direction for the sport of touch football and develop our dynamic game to the position of Australia’s leading community sport.  

We have professional people and enthusiastic volunteers working in all facets of touch football across the breadth of the country and believe we make a positive difference to people’s lives, through participation and delivery of various programs.  

Touch Football Australia is pleased to partner with Sport Australia to deliver this $200 million Australian Government initiative to get more children playing more sport.

As the national sporting organisation (NSO) for touch football, we offer schools and coaches quality programs that encourage children to participate in this great sport.


Touch Football Australia offers Sporting Schools programs for both primary schools and secondary school students in Years 7 and 8. Touch football is a sport which everyone can play, regardless of age, gender, experience or ability. 

It’s social - playing with friends and family is a significant part of touch football. 

It’s family orientated - touch football is a sport which for generations has involved families at all stages in life. Families even play together in weekly competitions.

It’s about health and fitness - touch football participants are constantly on the move; either through walking, running at different speeds, jumping, stepping and in a competitive environment. With unlimited substitutions, touch football participants can increase their fitness progressively; playing as much or as little as they like. 

It’s time efficient – a game of touch football is completed in approximately 45 minutes including a half-time break. Most participants are able to arrive, play and leave their local field in under an hour.

It’s inclusive - the inclusive nature of touch football ensures there is a ‘place on the field for everyone’ regardless of their ability.

It’s perfect for the busy participant - not only is touch football a time-efficient pursuit, but it is also highly cost effective as the sport requires minimal equipment to participate.

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Touch Football Australia values the role of teachers not just in the classroom but in the school yard as well. Their enthusiasm for improving children’s lives is often understated. Society places its trust and confidence in teachers who as educators, have one of the most important roles for our children, outside of parents and carers.

Coaches are also a wonderful influence on children throughout their formative years. Coaches are the people who deliver the skills with fun and enjoyment.

The information below is a guide to how schools, coaches and sporting organisations can deliver the Touch Football Australia program within Sporting Schools.

Essentials for schools   Essentials for coaches   Essentials for sporting organisations


Contact: Touch Football Australia

  • Registering as a coach on the Sporting Schools website; and
  • Becoming endorsed by Touch Football Australia.
  • Registering as a coach on the Sporting Schools website; and
  • Becoming endorsed by Touch Football Australia.
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