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How does Sporting Schools work?

The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) has partnered with more than 30 national sporting organisations (NSOs) to deliver sport before, during and after school hours, via their network of aligned organisations, coaches and teachers.

Eligible Australian schools can be involved in the Program by registering on the Sporting Schools website and completing the following steps.

How to guide for schools

Visit the Get Started section of the Sporting Schools website and download the How to guide for Schools or visit the Sporting Schools Help Centre for more information. 

How do I register a school?

Schools wanting to participate in Sporting Schools need to register on the Sporting Schools website. Registering your school takes two easy steps:

  • Register as a website user
  • Register your school

For more information visit the Get Started section of the Sporting Schools website or visit the Help Centre and watch this step by step video.

How does the Principal confirm school registration?

The Principal must approve the school’s registration in order to complete the registration process and then apply for funding.

  • Firstly, the Principal will receive an email notification to confirm their access to the Sporting Schools account.
  • The Principal must then login to their account and click ‘Principal Confirmation’ and agree with the declaration.

Note: If the Principal registers the school then they will not need to follow the steps below as they agree to the terms and conditions during the school registration process.

For more information please visit the Help Centre.

Who will deliver Sporting Schools?

The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) has partnered with more than 30 national sporting organisations (NSOs) to deliver sport before, during and after school hours, via their network of aligned organisations, coaches and teachers. Sporting Schools programs are underpinned by the quality assurance provided by NSOs, ensuring a consistent and quality experience for all.

Each of our partner NSOs has a suite of sport packages available for delivery in primary schools. NSOs that offer a suite of packages for secondary schools can be viewed on the sports page.

Information about coach and teacher-delivered sport packages can be found on the Sporting Schools Booking System. Alternatively, visit our Help Centre for information on how to request a specific coach or teacher.

What funding is available through Sporting Schools?

Eligible Australian schools can apply for funding each term to deliver Sporting Schools activity before, during or after school hours using one of our national sporting organisation partners.

Sporting Schools offers two funding programs:

Once a school meets the registration and eligibility requirements, they can apply for funding. Funding applications are assessed according to:

Visit the funding section of the Sporting Schools website for further information or visit our Help Centre.

How can Sporting Schools funding be spent?

Sporting Schools funding can be used to assist schools to cover the costs of delivering sport-based activities that support the Sporting Schools program aims and program parameters.   

Download the spending fact sheet ( PDF 350Kb) which outlines the supported and non-supported costs that will help guide your schools expenditure of the funds or check out the case studies.

For more information visit the Funding section of the Sporting Schools website or visit our Help Centre.

When can I spend the funding?

Once you receive the email that confirms your funding, you can start to confirm your Sporting Schools program e.g. coaches, supervising teachers, equipment, facility and transport needs.

The funds must be spent during the approved funding period (school term) as specified in your successful application (e.g. Term 1, 2017). 

You will need to have finalised the spending of your funds before returning your grant acquittal. Expenses incurred prior to receipt of approval or outside the funding period are not supported. If the costs of your activities or resources extend beyond the completion of the funding period, contact our Client Support Centre on or call us on 1300 785 707.

More information can be found on our Help Centre.

What is the Sporting Schools Booking System?

The Sporting Schools Booking System is an online platform for schools, designed to save time, where they can compare and select from over 250 sports packages across more than 30 sports - in just a few clicks.

The Booking System aims to meet the high demand for programs, as well as streamline the process of connecting schools with national sporting organisations (NSOs) and their network of aligned organisations and coaches.

Visit the Help Centre to watch step by step videos to learn more.

Got another question that is not listed here?

If you have another question that is not listed in the Frequently Asked Questions above then click here to visit our Help Centre

Our Help Centre contains questions and answers about the Sporting Schools program as well as technical questions related to the use of the website. Just like Google, you can type in your questions and we'll provide the answers.