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What would $20k do for your school sports club?

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New equipment, uniforms, facilities, funds for team travel? $20k is the average amount that grassroots clubs, schools and community groups fundraised from Jan-June last year through the Sports Foundation

Fundraising with the Sports Foundation is simple and hassle free, and it’s tax-deductible for members of your school community that donate.

Seventy schools just like yours are already fundraising with the Sports Foundation for a wide range of sports, from rowing to rugby, to netball and hockey. Check out this case study from one of their best school fundraising projects to see how easy it is.

The Sports Foundation team has been helping schools fundraise for 30 years and will support you all the way. You'll have the guidance of one of its Sports Partnership Managers – who will be your go-to for all things fundraising, helping you with tools and tips for promoting your fundraising to your school community. The Sports Foundation will also provide you with an online donation platform that receives and processes your donations. Best of all, this means there’s no barbeque roster or chocolate frog money to chase.

Join the Sports Foundation’s Welcome Webinar to hear how your school can set your fundraising goals, plan your activities and run an easy and effective fundraising campaign.

Sign up in under 10 minutes at and start fundraising for your school now!