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Water Polo Australia dives into sport education

Flippa Ball

Water Polo Australia (WPA) together with its state associations has taken the next step in sport education.

WPA is pleased to unveil the new e-learning platform ‘The Learning Pool’ which will deliver WPA’s new education framework and development pathway via accreditations and courses for coaches, referees, officials, administrators and players.

Using funding provided through Sporting Schools, WPA has been working with industry experts in e-learning, ‘etainu’, to create The Learning Pool, which offers modern and current education techniques, combining online modules with poolside workshops and practical assessments.

This is a key step in WPA’s overall strategy to improve the exposure and accessibility of water polo throughout Australia.

With the education platform in place, WPA can grow the ever-important grassroots participation through the ‘new look’ FlippaBall program that has also been rolled out this year.

FlippaBall aims to introduce the basics of water polo at school in a five-week program. It will aid in developing water safety and ball handling skills through fun games and activities.

All schools across Australia can get involved with three versions of the ‘FlippaSchools’ program available to suit every schools’ needs. The three versions all comprise five one-hour sessions and cater not only for schools with pool access, but also those with limited or no pool access.

The ‘Try Polo’ program can be delivered by a schoolteacher or water polo coach and is a land based skills lesson. The ‘Dip into Polo’ is a combination of in and out of water session, and the ‘Play Polo’ gets the students in the water every session, both of which are delivered by qualified water polo coaches.

Both the Learning Pool and FlippaBall products will allow more remote areas to enjoy the same access to educational and school age development resources as those in the metro areas, which is a national first in the sport of water polo.

Water Polo New South Wales (WP NSW) Sport Development Manager Christopher Dyson said: “WP NSW is incredibly excited for the development of WPAs education framework and new look FlippaBall.”

“This is the infrastructure that we need to be able to service regional NSW in a resourceful manner. This is an enormous step forward for our sport,” he added.

WPA CEO Christian Renford points out that this first stage of the new digital platform was a result of feedback across the sport, including consultation with experts within water polo and state associations, as well as members’ feedback.

“It is a great opportunity for our sport to utilise government funding allocations through Sporting Schools to develop our sport from grassroots up,” Mr Renford said.

“Stakeholders within our sport recognised the need to increase the number of trained coaches, referees, volunteers and administrators at all levels of the game.

“The new education framework will allow for Water Polo Australia to bring the sport in line with other national sporting organisations with a streamlined accreditation system that can be applied across the country.

“The new look FlippaBall has the flexibility and optionality to service all schools, regardless of pool access,” he said.

Renford thanked members of the water polo community and subject matter experts who were consulted and contributed to the development of the new framework, course content and program inclusions.

For more information on WPA’s ‘The Learning Pool’ and new look ‘FlippaBall’, visit the WPA website:

Sporting Schools is a $160 million Australian Government initiative to get more children playing more sport, before, during and after school. Want to run a Flippa Schools program at your school? Check out all the details on the Water Polo Australia page. 

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