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Putting more into Secondary Schools program

Golf at Launching Place Primary School

Image: Year 6 students at Launching Place Primary School in Victoria try their hand at golf.

Let expert coaches teach your students how to read a putt or improve their cadence through the expanded Sporting Schools secondary program.

The popular secondary school program now offers 14 sports, with golf and cycling available from Term 1 2018.

These sports have been a success at primary school level with more than 4000 primary school participants trying golf last term, and almost 800 participants in the cycling program.

Andrew Devisser, a teacher from Victoria’s Launching Place Primary School, says he chose golf to try to provide his students with as many different sports as possible.

“Golf is not a sport that many would have played other than mini golf,” he says. 

“We have a couple of good golf courses in our area and using our local coaches helps children find the lead in to try it out locally, might even get their families involved.”

The Year 6 students enjoyed the opportunity to try something they wouldn’t normally get to play, he says.

“For most kids it was the opportunity to try their skills in a different sport and experience how frustrating it must be for beginner golfers … like me!”

“Hopefully we will see some of them start to have a go in the local clubs.”

Devisser says the program even contributed to his professional development.

“The structure was perfect for a class group and I will now use some of the skill development activities in my Phys Ed and Sport classes.”

Cycling’s Let’s Ride program was most popular with Victorian school children last term with more than 400 participants, followed by almost 200 in Western Australia.

WA’s Newman College physical education teacher Erica Horn says the Sporting Schools initiative has resulted in more students riding to school.

Her Year 5 students “absolutely loved” the program, she says. 

“It gives them a skill set that some hadn’t tried before,” she says. “They really improved their skills [and] learnt how to ride safely. Their favourite activity was the slow race.”

Horn says she’d love to do the program again with a younger age group.

Image: WA’s Newman College students try the Cycling’s Let’s Ride program.

Cycling at Newman College