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NPO delves into the costs of delivering sport in schools

NPO costing framework

During the last two months, the Australian Sports Commission’s National Participation Outcomes (NPO) team has been working with 32 Sporting Schools partner national sporting organisations (NSOs) to help determine the true cost of developing and delivering specialised junior participation products in the school market.

The Costing Framework looks at the entire NSO product delivery channel and explores a range of cost drivers that should be considered in offering a suite of sport packages. This helps NSOs build capability, ensure financially sustainability, and demonstrate a clear strategic purpose for being involved in the school market.

The process of analysing all the data collected has begun and is already generating some key insights that will be shared broadly in due course. In the meantime, NPO will utilise these findings in ongoing conversations with NSOs when reviewing their suite of package offerings for Sporting Schools, all the while contributing to the broader goal of developing successful and sustainable NSO delivery models for the school market.

For any further questions about the NSO Costing Framework please contact your respective NPO Participation Manager.