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Badminton a 100% positive experience

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Image: Students at Acacia Ridge State School improving their badminton skills with coach Johnny Lui.

The kids at Acacia Ridge State School cannot get enough of their Sporting Schools Badminton programme.

Badminton has kicked off at several schools around the country and appeals to all age groups and demographics; it’s all about getting involved, learning some new skills, and having fun.

Acacia Ridge State School teacher, Damien Taylor, said the programme has been a 100% positive experience.

“The equipment supplied was of a really high quality and it will now enable us to run a badminton program in PE which will benefit the whole school,” Damien said. The school worked with Johnny Lui, a locally endorsed badminton coach who provided coaching for students in Prep, right up to Year six.

“Johnny was absolutely superb and extremely knowledgeable and very reliable. He had some fantastic coaching ideas”, Damien said.

It wasn’t just the students who learnt a lot from Johnny, the Acacia Ridge teaching staff were able to gain coaching technique skills that will be beneficial for their future PE lessons.

According to the school’s feedback the students really enjoyed playing badminton and the coach and teachers noticed a huge improvement from week one to week five.

“Parents of some kids also got involved in the game which was exciting for the kids and engaged them in the sport even further,” Damien said.

“The parents were excited about the positive sporting experiences, and some are aiming to keep badminton alive in their households, and possibly at the junior badminton club in Sunnybank.

“I really can't speak highly enough of the incredibly positive outcomes you helped our school and our students to achieve,” Damien said.

Sporting Schools is a $100 million Australian Government initiative to get more children playing more sport, before, during and after school. Want to run a badminton programme at your school? Check out all the details on the Badminton Australia page.

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