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ASC welcomes new participation managers

The Australian Sports Commission’s National Participation Outcomes Team hosted an induction workshop for 13 national sporting organisations (NSOs) who have welcomed new participation managers over the past few months.

The ASC shared information on participation with the new NSO staff and introduced them to a number of tools and resources to assist them in their participation planning and implementation.

It was the first time the ASC has inducted new participation managers in a group session, which was designed to promote better and more efficient information sharing and to encourage further collaboration amongst NSOs.

While a majority of the participants attended the workshop in person, the ASC used its Skype teleconference capability to allow interstate specialists to present. Experienced participation managers also dialled in through Skype for specific sessions they wanted to be upskilled on. 

Some of the topics covered included: an update on the National Sport Plan and subsequent ASC strategic direction; participation investment, analysis and strategy; an update on the Sporting School program, including Secondary Schools delivery; club-based coaching delivery models; child protection policies and a brief introduction into the Physical Literacy definition.

The comprehensive day contained valuable discussion and all the information shared was received well by the attendees. Importantly, the induction workshop gave all stakeholders a positive starting point to encourage further collaboration and engagement among each other and with the ASC itself.