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How to guide for schools: 1. Register. 2. Apply for funding. 3. Book a program. 4. Report program activities. 5. Submit your acquittal.

Download a full version of the how to guide for schools ( PDF 112Kb).

1. Register your school

Registered schools can access funding applications for each term through the Sporting Schools website. 

Schools only need to register once with Sporting Schools as it covers the duration of the school’s participation in the program.

To register your school, complete the following steps:

1. Register as a website user:

  • You will receive an email to confirm access to your Sporting Schools account.
  • Click on the link in the email ‘Complete Registration’.

NOTE: If you are a new user you will need to update your profile information and click ‘Update’.

2. ‘Register a School’ page will now appear. Complete the school registration form by completing the following steps:
  • Find your school
  • School details
  • School contacts
  • Summary 

NOTE: To complete your school’s registration, your Principal must agree to the Sporting Schools terms and conditions. The Principal will receive an email and will need to setup an account and confirm school registration.

More information about school registration can be found in our Help Centre

2. Apply for funding

Eligible Australian schools can apply for funding each term to deliver Sporting Schools activity before, during or after school hours using one of our national sporting organisation partners. For more information visit our funding page.

3. Book a program

The Booking System is an online platform for schools to make a booking request for a Sporting Schools program package. Schools can use the system to search for sports packages - from our national sporting organisation (NSO) partners - that meet their school’s needs.

Prior to making a booking request please review the program parameters and terms and conditions.

Then, your nominated school contact (Sporting Schools Coordinator, Principal or Finance Contact) can:

  1. Use their Sporting Schools username (email) and password to login to the school account
  2. Select 'Booking System' and click 'Make a Booking'
  3. Search for a sports package that meets the schools needs
  4. Select the sports package(s) by clicking ‘Apply’
  5. Complete the booking request details and submit your request.

Notification regarding the outcome of your request will be received within approximately six working days.

More information on how to make a booking request for a sport package can be found in our Help Centre.

Looking to run a teacher delivered program? 

Teachers can participate in the Sporting Schools program by being nominated through their school to deliver sport packages marked ‘Teacher Delivered Package’ and meeting the partner NSO sports teacher requirements.  

If a school nominates a teacher to deliver their Sporting Schools program, the school is required to enter the teacher’s details, including teacher registration and relevant qualifications, via the Sporting Schools Booking System. The school must enter the teacher details each time a teacher delivered package is requested. You can find more information about teacher delivery on this help centre


Teacher aides/school learning support officers (SLSOs) can only deliver sport packages marked as ‘Coach Delivered Package’ and will need to become a coach with the relevant NSO.

4. Report program activities

Your school must provide any information and reporting regarding its activities under the Program required by the Australian Sports Commission. If requested at any time your school must participate in research and evaluation. See our terms and conditions to find out more.

5. Submit your acquittal

Funded schools must complete the Australian Sports Commission’s acquittal process.

Acquitting is the Australian Sports Commissions assurance that your school used the funds according to the program parameters and terms and conditions.