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Program parameters

Program parameters help to describe the characteristics of activities for schools participating in Sporting Schools.

All schools participating in Sporting Schools are required to comply with the following program parameters:


  • 'Organisation' means an NSO, SSO or NSO-nominated coaching provider.
  • 'Program' means the ASC’s Sporting Schools program.



1. Engage NSO partner sports.

Engage with Organisations for the delivery of Program packages.

Must deliver one (1) of the NSO partner sports each funded term.

Note: A selection of NSO partner sports offer secondary school programs. 

2. Use the Booking System.

To engage with Organisations for the delivery of Program packages.

To administer and manage Program package booking requests including amendments and cancellations.

To input details of all nominated teachers for Teacher-delivered Program packages and keep such details accurate and current.

Download the guide on how to book sports packages for schools ( PDF 126Kb)

3. Free service to participants.
Must not request funding from children or families to enable them to participate in the Program.
4. Provide as complementary to existing sport and physical education activities.

Sessions and resources can be used to enhance or support curriculum delivery, existing sport and physical activity programs. E.g Use sport product offerings that build confidence, fitness and/or skills, through modified social sport and/or traditional competition format.

Sessions cannot be used as preparation for elite/representative sport teams and events e.g. Interschool Sport, School Sport, Elite pathways.

5. Deliver the approved funding application.

Participant numbers identified in the approved funding application must be met.

Use the funding to conduct Program activities during the approved funding period (school term).

Provide ASC with Program delivery data.

6. Spend funding on supported costs as specified by the ASC*.

Refer to the spending fact sheet ( PDF 228Kb).

7. Use appropriate facilities and equipment.

Must ensure the Program is delivered at suitable facilities, or locations using the appropriate sports equipment.

8. Use an Organisation registered coach and/or nominate a teacher for teacher-delivered sports packages.

'Coach' means an individual (being an employee, member, contractor or volunteer of an Organisation) nominated by an Organisation to deliver activities under the Program, excluding Teachers.

'Teacher' means an individual (being an employee of a School that has a valid State and/or Territory teacher registration) nominated by a School to deliver activities under the Program.

Nominated Teachers must comply with the relevant Organisation’s requirements for delivery of the selected Program package.

9. Sessions delivered safely and supervision ratios are appropriate.

Provide a supervisor for every session e.g. before, during or after school.

Supervisor retains the ‘duty of care’ for the participants.

10. Deliver each nominated sport for a minimum of four (4) sessions*

One session equates to a recommended 45 – 60 minutes of activity.

Intensive delivery is supported e.g. 2-3 sessions of 120 minutes duration or more where required by the sport.

11. Minimum of 10 participants*

Each session must have a minimum of the same ten (10) participants.

The same participant must have an opportunity to take part in each session (four sessions minimum) of the nominated sport. 

12. Deliver before, during or after school.

Must provide the ASC with Program delivery data identifying when the program was delivered.

13. Comply with ASC Financial declaration (acquittal) and reporting requirements.

Must complete the acquittal process, including the settlement of invoices by the nominated due dates.

Provide Program delivery data by the nominated due dates.

Must maintain all records and accounts detailing the Program and submit to the ASC on request.

These tables are up to date as of 30/05/2017

* Exemptions may apply. Please contact our Client Support Centre on 1300 785 707 or visit our Help Centre for more information.