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Program parameters

The program parameters help to describe the characteristics of activities for schools receiving funding. Schools are required to comply with the following program parameters:


  • Organisation’ means an NSO, SSO or NSO-nominated coaching provider; and
  • Program’ means the ASC’s Sporting Schools program;



1. Engage NSO partner sports
  • Engage with Organisations for the delivery of Program packages.
  • Must deliver one (1) of the NSO partner sports each funded term. 
2. Use the Booking System
  • To engage with Organisations for the delivery of Program packages;
  • To administer and manage Program package booking requests including amendments and cancellations;
  • To input details of all nominated teachers for teacher-delivered Program packages and keep such details accurate and current.
3. Free service to participants
  • Must not request funding from children or families to enable them to participate in the Program.
4. Provide in addition to existing sport and physical education activities
  • Sessions must not take the place of curriculum delivery, existing sport and physical activity programs, or as preparation for elite/representative sport teams and events e.g. PSSA, Interschool Sport, School Sport.
5. Deliver the approved funding application
  • Provide total P-6 student enrolment numbers.

  • Participant numbers identified in the approved funding application must be met.

  • Use the funding to conduct Program activities during the approved funding period (school term).

  • Provide ASC with Program delivery data.

6. Spend funding on supported costs as specified by the ASC*

7. Use appropriate facilities and equipment
  • Must ensure the Program is delivered at suitable facilities, or locations using the appropriate sports equipment.
8. Use an Organisation registered coach and/or nominate a teacher for teacher-delivered sports packages
  • Coach’ means an individual (being an employee, member, contractor or volunteer of an Organisation) nominated by an Organisation to deliver activities under the Program, excluding teachers;
  • ‘Teacher’ means an individual (being an employee of a school that has a valid State and/or Territory teacher registration) nominated by a school to deliver activities under the Program;
  • Nominated teachers must comply with the relevant Organisation’s requirements for delivery of the selected Program package.
9. Sessions delivered safely and supervision ratios are appropriate
  • Provide a supervisor for every session e.g. before, during or after school.
  • Supervisor retains the ‘duty of care’ for the participants.
10. Deliver each nominated sport for a minimum of four (4) sessions*
  • One session equates to a recommended 45 – 60 minutes of activity.
  • Intensive delivery is supported e.g. 2-3 sessions of 120 minutes duration or more where required by the sport.
11. Minimum of 10 participants*
  • Each session must have a minimum of the same ten (10) participants.
  • The same participant must have an opportunity to take part in each session (four sessions minimum) of the nominated sport. 
12. Deliver before, during or after school
  • Must provide the ASC with Program delivery data identifying when the program was delivered.
13. Comply with ASC Financial declaration (Acquittal) and reporting requirements 
  • Must complete the acquittal process, including the settlement of invoices by the nominated due dates.
  • Provide Program delivery data by the nominated due dates.
  • Must maintain all records and accounts detailing the Program and submit to the ASC on request.

* Exemptions may apply. Please contact our Client Support Centre on 1300 785 707 for more information.

This table is up to date as of 21/11/2016

More information about Sporting Schools funding can be found on our Help Centre.