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Application process

To apply for funding schools need to:

  1. Be registered. Please complete and/or ensure your school is registered via the Sporting Schools website;
  2. Meet funding eligibility requirements;
  3. Review program parameters and terms and conditions; and
  4. Check the funding open dates for each term

When funding is open, your nominated school contact (Sporting Schools Coordinator, Secondary Schools Coordinator, Principal or Finance Contact) can:

  • SIGN IN to the school account using their registered email and password;
  • CLICK on the ‘Manage Grants’ tab;
  • If your school is eligible to apply for funding SELECT ‘Start Application’; and
  • Complete the online application form and CLICK submit. Refer to ‘how do I apply for funding’ for a detailed step by step process. 

New landing page

Schools will be notified by email about their application and if successful, your funding will be transferred to the bank details provided through your Sporting Schools account.

More information about Sporting Schools funding can be found on our Help Centre