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Secondary school project

Both locally and internationally, research has shown that by the time students reach the ages of 13-17 there is a sharp decline in their participation in sport. Research also shows that in order to increase sport participation in the youth demographic, sporting activities should be designed to meet their motivations and interests.

As a result, the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) is leading an innovative sports participation project for secondary school students.

The project is funded through the ASC’s Sporting Schools program and aims to address the barriers that trigger a drop in teenagers participating in sport, and explore how best to get young people doing sport and building lifelong participation trends.

In collaboration with a range of national sporting organisations (NSOs), the Secondary School Pilot project has engaged 80 schools and their students to look at the barriers to participation, why the barriers exist, and to test methods for overcoming them. The project is currently assisting schools and sports with program design and provide a platform for developing strategies around how to tackle the youth participation cliff.

La Trobe University is currently undertaking a comprehensive research task to capture all learnings gained during the pilot program.  


Athletics at Manor Lakes
Secondary students having a field day with Athletics
Dedicated, passionate, and receptive – those are the words used to describe Athletics coach Duncan Large following the success of the Athletics program he delivered at Manor Lakes College in Victoria as part of the Australian Sports Commission’s Youth Participation program. Read more