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Parents and Guardians

Sport is fundamental to the development and well being of children and young people. 

Sport not only benefits children’s physical health but plays a role in developing confidence, social skills and emotional well being. 

By focusing on having fun, having a go and getting active, Sporting Schools provides children with positive sporting experiences to help develop a lifelong interest in sport. 

Support from parents and family is known to have a positive impact on their child’s motivation and enjoyment of sport, so come and join in the fun. 


Children’s physical activity does not start and stop within the school environment. Some ideas to extend activities include:

  • chatting about the sport that was delivered at school and then practicing at home
  • talking with your Sporting Schools coaches about activities on their sport’s website for you to access
  • finding out what is on offer at your local sporting clubs
  • asking your child’s teacher for some sport related homework
  • accessing Sporting Schools resources online and setting up games at home.

Girls passing a rugby ball


All schools across Australia are eligible to register for Sporting Schools. Contact your school to find out if they've registered.


It is important to stay informed and understand what sporting opportunities are available for children in your area. 

Attending school meetings can allow parents to know what is happening in their community and allow them to provide feedback and suggestions. 

We encourage parents to talk to their schools and share ideas about how Sporting Schools could help their children and community. 


If you have any questions about Sporting Schools please visit our Help Centre or alternatively you can speak to our Client Support Centre who are available to assist you with your enquiry. For support or to provide feedback please contact our team via the Get in Touch form at the bottom of this website or call 1300 785 707.