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Sporting Schools expands into secondary schools

21 November 2017

Both locally and internationally, research has shown that there is a decline in sport participation for youth between 13-17 years old. The targeted secondary schools program aims to address this and encourage a lifelong love of sport.

Rowing students take a bow

2 November 2017

How do you help students improve their resilience, punctuality and teamwork skills? The solution may lie in physical activity, as Melba Copland Secondary School has found.

Water Polo Australia dives into sport education

25 October 2017

Water Polo Australia (WPA) has taken the next step in sport education as they unveil the new e-learning platform ‘The Learning Pool’ which will deliver WPA’s new education framework and development pathway.

ASC welcomes new participation managers

28 September 2017

The Australian Sports Commission’s National Participation Outcomes Team hosted an induction workshop on national RU OK Day for 13 national sporting organisations (NSOs) who have welcomed new participation managers over the past few months.

Does your school sports program need $38,389?

26 September 2017

That’s how much the average school fundraised for their sports programs last financial year by running their sports fundraising in partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF).

Rugby union expands primary school program

28 August 2017

Primary Schools can now sign up to Foxtel VIVA7s in Term 4. Foxtel VIVA7s introduces students to the skills and core values required to play traditional rugby XVs and 7s.

Sports Ability resources now align to the curriculum

23 August 2017

The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) has recently redeveloped the Sports Ability resources to align to the Australian Health and Physical Education Curriculum to help support teachers and coaches in the delivery of sport to students of all abilities.