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Gymnastics Australia

Gymnastics Australia LogoGymnastics Australia is thrilled to offer its Sporting Schools program to children across Australia’s school yards.

Gymnastics Australia is pleased to partner with the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) to deliver this $160 million Australian Government initiative to get more children playing more sport.

By developing a child’s fundamental movement skills, Gymnastics provides a sound basis for further skill development across all sports.  Through exploration and sequencing of movements, gymnastics makes cognitive demands on children to listen, problem solve, make decisions and prepare to take controlled risks.  Gymnastics promotes all-round physical development, muscular strength and endurance, joint flexibility, balance, coordination and core strength required for everyday living.

As the national sporting organisation (NSO) for Gymnastics, we offer schools and coaches quality programs that encourage children to participate in this great sport.


Launch Pad Logo

Gymnastics Australia’s LaunchPad Gymnastics programs cater for children of all ages and are expertly designed to cater for all stages of physical, social and cognitive development.  Each program is supported by ‘easy to use’ lesson plans for coaches and teachers that are safe, fun, require minimal equipment and align with the new Australian Curriculum.

GymFun (5-8 year olds)

Gym Fun Logo

In GymFun, the focus is on fundamental movement patterns that help children progress into more advanced skills or sports.  The games and activities in GymFun are safe and encourage children to work with others and build self-esteem.


GymSkills (8-12 year olds)

Gym Skills Logo

As children develop more control of their bodies through fundamental movement, more specific activities and skills are introduced.  Students are encouraged to learn, reproduce and create more complex movement sequences. 

Within Sporting Schools, the Launchpad Gymnastics program consists of four sessions.  Delivery is flexible and can be facilitated at your school, local gymnastics club and/or a hybrid of the two. 

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Gymnastics Coach at Launchpad


Gymnastics Australia values the role of teachers not just in the classroom but in the school yard as well. Their enthusiasm for improving children’s lives is often understated. Society places its trust and confidence in teachers who as educators, have one of the most important roles for our children, outside of parents and carers.

Coaches are also a wonderful influence on children throughout their formative years. Coaches are the people who deliver the skills with fun and enjoyment.

The information below is a guide to how schools, coaches and sporting organisations can deliver the Gymnastics Australia program within Sporting Schools.

Essentials for schools   Essentials for coaches   Essentials for sporting organisations


Gymnastics Australia
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